The Seahawks and Cardinals 6 6 defensive battle (LOLZ) was the lowest scoring tie in at least the past 40 years, beating(?) the 7 7 gem produced by the Redskins and Giants in 1997. (That game, of course, is rememebered for Redskins QB Gus Frerotte injuring himself after headbutting thestadium wall to celebrate his team lone touchdown). (The Geek) Adams was 9 5 1 (64 42 1 overall).. “It is a good move that the government has decided to open hotels. In fact, they should have opened a long back. I have been told by Goa Tourism Director’s office that SOPs are yet to beRead More →

Several states have inducted a 7 10 day long lockdown with a view to check the spread of Covid 19. These new lockdowns are similar to the earlier ones where all movement is stopped and only essential services are allowed to operate. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat continue to be worst hit from the pandemic. The new report comes just days after Apple cut its revenue outlook for the latest quarter and suggested weaker than expected sales of its iPhone models. The Cupertino company dropped the revenue guidance to $84 billion (roughly Rs. 590,000 crores) significantly lower than analyst forecasts averaging $91 billionRead More →

Whether it is about audio or video door entry systems, or choosing door access control systems for your residential or commercial property. There are some other factors that are highlighted by the panel beater Sydney. A well serviced air conditioning unit provides comfortable and pleasant driving conditions in a caravan with its climate control features. The NFL allows players to stand or not, depending upon their own choice. So the league actually gives players permission to stand or not to stand for the national anthem. In Ali case, his refusal to join the military cost him the ability to earn a living in his chosenRead More →

Could it be that women generally are more ethical than men? Yes, wrote Harvard University’s Carol Gilligan more than two decades ago in the book “In a Different Voice.” While some hemmed and hawed, Gilligan’s argument was largely embraced by feminists. Now others are saying that women are more likely to be the straight shooters who cry foul when they see their corporate companions jiggering the books. “Women Are More Likely to Blow Whistle” announced a 2002 headline in the Los Angeles Times.”Women see things in a much bigger context than do men,” says Judith Rosener, a professor at the University of California at Irvine.Read More →

In today’s global market, more than 80% of market value is allocated to incorporeal assets. Increasingly, it is a determination of talent in the form of creativity, adaptability, knowledge, and execution in the work power. In this, competitive advantage depends on measurable and integrated learning for aligning, engaging, acquiring, retaining and advancing the appropriate resource. Where do you start looking for such positions? Simple! All you have to do is check one of the many job sites on the Internet, and you will surely find a number of companies offering metrics related positions. However, you also have to bear in mind that with these jobsRead More →

However, the RTA contains a section that allows a landlord to terminate a tenancy if the behaviour of an animal has substantially interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of other tenants or the landlord. A landlord can also terminate a tenancy if the tenant is impairing safety by keeping an animal of a breed or species which is inherently dangerous. Under the RTA, the determination of whether or not a pet is inherently dangerous is left to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).. Meet your colleagues regularly: This is one of the significant freelance tips, which will help you to maintain good relations with the peopleRead More →

Verizon released a statement on Thursday, in which they pledged to help the NFL prevent domestic violence.”We intend to use our leverage and our leadership to keep the dialogue going on an issue that’s been tucked behind closed doors for way too long, and we’ll continue to work with our partners at the NFL to be a voice for change and a force for good, not just in the league but in our society as a whole,” their CEO Lowell McAdam said. Dwyer faces onecount of aggravated assault causing a fracture, one count aggravated assault involving a minor, two counts of criminal damage, and oneRead More →

(Firefox isn’t it).15. One word: Office. (Office isn’t it).16. Zimmerman had followed Martin and reported him to police before their deadly encounter. He said believed the young man in a “hoodie” hooded sweatshirt looked to be “up to no good.”Zimmerman’s attorney has said he acted in self defense. He has not been arrested and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which broadened the legal definition of self defense when it was passed in 2005, provides people with immunity from detention or arrest if they use deadly force in their own defense without clear evidence of malice.Sanford police said they could neither confirm nor deny the SentinelRead More →

For most sports fans, these are the two competing images of the WNBA: The arenas are either half empty or half full. History, with 18 seasons in the books, a contract to broadcast games on ESPN through 2022 and a fresh crop of young stars like the Lynx’s Maya Moore and the Mercury’s Brittney Griner. When the league launched in 1997, it was difficult to imagine that a women’s pro sports league in the United States would survive this long. To quote Ben Stiller in Zoolander, these epic signature sneaker lines can’t help it they have produced some ” really, really good looking” basketball shoesRead More →

With all these points in mind, it’s time to look for stores that carry good yoga wear. If you are shopping for yoga tops and yoga shorts for the first time, it’s recommended that you actually go to a store to look for the perfect fit for you. If you are shopping on a budget, chains such as Target or Walmart carry standard quality yoga wear. Gladius was a turn based tactical game from the PS2 era, so it’s in a genre that automatically turns off a huge percentage of the less patient gamers out there those weirdos who don’t like pausing a life andRead More →