Sonia: I wanted to understand from you whether things are picking up at all on the ground. In the quarter gone by, the slippages that the banks saw was close to Rs 6,000 crore, a little more than that in fact and Rs 3,000 crore came in from the steel sector. Has there been any improvement or do you expect this rate of slippages to continue in the quarters to come?. After clearing customs, Juan still has to walk two blocks to the bus station and wait about 10 minutes for the next bus. Several other students who crossed the bridge take the same theRead More →

Books are hot items, too, but won’t go at a high price put 25 50 cents on books (unless they are a signed, limited edition, of course). I won’t price my good stuff like Gymboree and Nike kid’s clothes that are still in very good condition lower than $5. On the other hand, women’s clothes and shoes can be a hard sale, so be careful pricing those items too high (always remember, though, you can always come off the price). Lysine for Kittens that are DyingA great item to add to the formula is powdered immune support with lysine. Only a sprinkle will do, asRead More →

McIlroy must also be judged a contender. He has a stroke average of better than 69 around here, which is extraordinary, and he is extremely comfortable playing the Old Course. It may count against him that he hits the ball so high and if it gets very windy that might become a problem, although it was very windy in 1995 when John Daly won with a very high ballflight.. Unfortunately, Putin didn’t invade anything that month. And no fixing either. Russia didn’t collude with even one country in the World Cup.. The bigger the website, the bigger the campaignBigger website means bigger advertisement, and biggerRead More →

Going green does not mean selling actual green plants or garden ornaments. There are many plants that are grown by destructive methods. Remember that before you hang a bunch of pots up to look good. Its massive growth in recent years has been seen as a key factor in the decline of brick and mortar retailers and the death of the American mall.A Nike/Amazon partnership could mean bad news for retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Hibbett Sports. For example, it could mean that Nike may choose to debut new products on Amazon rather than exclusively at Dick’s.And it appears investors are concerned. After GoldmanRead More →

New Delhi: Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been taken to Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital to be treated for COVID 19, news agency ANI reports. The 46 year old actress tested positive some days ago and was placed in isolation at the Bachchan residence Jalsa, which was sealed by the Brihanmumbai Corporation or BMC as were the three other bungalows owned by the family. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s father in law Amitabh Bachchan and husband Abhishek are also in Nanavati Hospital. Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013: Steenkamp reality television show, Island of Treasure, is scheduled to broadcast Saturday evening despite the star tragic death two days earlier. The showRead More →

A strong children’s ministry in your church outreach can be the difference on whether or not first time visitors return to your church the next week. Many families consider a children’s ministry their top priority in selecting a church to attend. A strong children’s ministry has many facets and this article will hopefully put you on the right track to creating one. It consists of 4 teams of 3 players each and a goalie. All 4 teams play against each other at the same time(9v3). The time that scores first will sit out the rest of the first round. So your bank declined after complyingRead More →

So when they like something which I do not, I still get the news in the feed. This way we will be able to get the information that we want/like rather than the noise. A critical step towards this is tags and if we can follow a tag it would be better [1].[1] Disclaimer: I have created a website to do just that. I swear he took thousands of calls. He that kind of guy. Successful technology project bred confidence, says Peggy.. Remember, all of these are small pieces of tech that you can wear with you and use it in different and innovative waysRead More →

Firefox, launched in 2005, did its part in recognising and filling the void in the affordable bicycles segment (5,000 to Rs 33,000) And in the following year, realising the market potential, bicycle giant Trek forayed into the Indian market in 2006, in partnership with Firefox. Then, Taiwan based Merida came to India in 2007. Today, global brands like Giant, Cannondale, GT Bicycles are all available in India.. Only a few companies, including Britain Primark and Canada Loblaw Inc., which owns the Joe Fresh clothing line, have acknowledged production at Rana Plaza and promised compensation. Loblaw CEO said there were 28 other brands and retailers usingRead More →

One is that even if we keep the rhetoric aside in terms of what some of the political parties have been talking about especially in states like UP and Maharashtra, the fact is that if demonetisation is going to have impact on rural economy beyond just this quarter and therefore into Q4 of this year and Q1 of next year, there would definitely be some amount of stress both in terms of collections and also in terms of advances growth.To add to the woes, this once in a while thing which happens in the MFI space, which is that some political parties are now talkingRead More →

Polycab India Ltd (Polycab) is one of the leading manufacturers of Cables Wires, having 18% market share of the organised industry. Polycab has a diverse range of wires and cables (contributes 87% of revenue as of 9MFY19) and their key products are power and control cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires and flexible cables. Additionally, company manufactures and sells FMEG (Fast moving electrical goods LED, Fans, Switch gears solar products contributing 8% of overall revenues. And I didn’t wear my insulin pump. After 7 miles of walking, then running, then walking again, Jeanette finally talked me into leaving her behind. I was heartbroken andRead More →