Below is the transcript of Dipali Goenka interview with CNBC TV18’s Ekta Batra and Mangalam Maloo.Ekta: One of the things that we have noticed is that there was an improvement in the margins and you said that there could be sustainability of margins at around 27 percent going forward. Your sense in terms of how the current quarter is going on and any guidance change that you would envisage?A: I would maintain the same commitment that we have for the fourth quarter as well and as you know in the nine months that we have been we actually have achieved the number of the pastRead More →

By far the most important consideration when you’re choosing indoor soccer shoes is comfort. If, when you try them on, they feel in the least bit uncomfortable, forget them. Because later on when you’re playing, they’re going to feel a lot more uncomfortable. Although golf is not a contact sport, players must avoid injuring themselves or fellow golfers. One player is permitted on the tee at a time. Players should never stand behind a golfer on the tee or anywhere on the course. For players to be successful at dribbling, they need to work on more than just their hand and wrist technique. Proper bodyRead More →

Sarno said the incident will not be tolerated. “The police are hunting these individuals,” he said, referring to them as “disrespectful animals” who don respect themselves or “human life” in general.”Thank God this young lady is OK,” he said of the injured girl.Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Springfield Police Detective Bureau at (413) 787 6355. Anonymous text message tips can be sent to CRIMES (or 274637), with the body of the message beginning with the word “SOLVE.”Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy RightsRead More →

Held onto all the stuff I knew I wanted and I sold the other half, got engaged, got a condo, making a lot of adult decisions right now because I don have the fat contract that some of these other guys have, Worley said. About growing up. Of those few hundred pairs have been sold on eBay, Worley said, but about 20 pairs still remain. The internet can be a great tool or a huge disaster to some people. The ability to send messages, interact with people all the way around the world, and purchase items from any of a million different suppliers greatly empowersRead More →

Australian forces were unprepared to conduct a campaign in the jungle environment of New Guinea. The lessons learned during the course of this campaign and the subsequent battle of Buna Gona led to widespread changes in doctrine, training, equipment and structure, with a legacy that remains until the present day. Against this, the Allies assembled approximately 30,000 troops in New Guinea, although at any one time no more than one infantry brigade, or approximately 3,500 troops, were involved in the fighting for most of the campaign.. 4. According to fans of the game, leaping ability will enhance rebounding and shot blocking ability. This is aRead More →

Every region of the country has its football legends and stories. The kid QB from the Pennsylvania town who escaped the steel factory he was destined to work at after high school, the speedy running back from Florida, the golden haired linebacker from California. But there’s something extra special about Southern football that .. Therefore, the key takeaway is that you cannot force yourself to be inspired. What you can do it to is to open yourself up to new experiences and to interpret the experiences you see in your everyday life. I am still inspired by how science enables 300 people to get intoRead More →

Don deserve your body. You are a fraud, you are no alpha. You hide your real self behind your muscle but of course I can see through that. Happening now: A body has been found at Lake Piru this morning. The recovery is in progress. A news conference will take place at 2 pm at the lake. Starting with the 360 degree view, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked in a video showing off the phone from all sides. The device is seen to sport triple rear cameras at the back with the three image sensors sitting in one line vertically on theRead More →

Reese compared Hosley to a young Jones.”Pacman Jones is a tremendous player, minus the off field stuff,” Hosley said. “But he’s a tremendous player. When you watch him on film he’s very sound in his technique. Odds are good that Favre and Childress are going to do their best to put this situation behind them during Wednesday’s news conference at Winter Park. They have no choice. But what they tell the public does not matter one bit. Apparel and other souvenir items from Nike, Victoria’s Secret Pink, Majestic and New Era are available.For the first time during MLB All Star Weekend, fans can have anRead More →

The content usually needs some work, but it’s generally worth it for the price paid. The catch though, is that these sites are usually filled to their limit. So if you want to join, you’ll find yourself waiting in line. One might assume that turning 40 inspired Charlize Theron to ratchet up the ass kicking action hero in her films because since 2015 Mad Max; Fury Road via Fast and Furious and Atomic Blonde, she has been busy thumping people onscreen. And she is very good at it. Netflix latest action blockbuster sees her at it again, but this time as an immortal ass kicker.Read More →

These volumes will start sometime by the end of this year and we will see how the market will behave. Let us see how the market takes it.Latha: What maybe the average gas price selling in India, the market price, for a better part of 2016?A: Crude prices at present are quite low. Since the crude prices are low, expectation of the market is that LNG price should also be low and as you know that current spot prices is closed to USD 5.5, though you are comparing the crude prices, we expect that whenever there is an equivalent crude price in terms of caloricRead More →