Fitbit launched its cheapest smartwatch on Wednesday to defend its position as the second largest seller of smartwatches after Apple. San Francisco based Fitbit said the Versa Lite smartwatch will cost $160, down from $200 for the full version. While still tracking workouts and heart rate, it will lack some features such as the ability to store music directly on the watch. The empire waist top is often recommended for the apple shaped body. The idea is to emphasize the bust and therefore diminish the stomach region but it doesn’t work for me. In fact the cinching or gathering below the bust draws attention toRead More →

“I think we have to be very careful, we have to be very mindful of what we have, and we have to work very, very hard, and you have to appreciate that the PAP will try its hardest to take back Sengkang. It will try its hardest to take back Aljunied, it will try its hardest to take back Hougang. And that means we’ve got to work even harder to make sure that we reach out and serve the people, honestly and sincerely.”. Nevertheless, Solomon insisted that diversity is better for the bottom line, noting that companies with at least one female director have hadRead More →

The women’s Olympic Games in the ancient Greece was also known as “Hera Games”. Hera was the wife of Zeus who was the king of all of the gods and worshiped by people in ancient Greece. It was said that the Hera Games was founded in the six Century BC by Hippodamia, the wife of the founder of the ancient Olympic Games, Per Ropes. 6 versus the Los Angeles Lakers. They use the space inspired City uniforms, which are white with on the front, on Aug. 9 versus Sacramento.. Internet Sites. A savvy shopper may select the style and size in a Department Store, andRead More →

A readily available supply of water will also bring ants into your home. If you can determine the source of the problem, getting rid of small black ants in your bathroom will be much easier. Spend some time observing their behavior. “Zev Hoover is a 15 year old lad with a camera. He tries to capture the beauty in loneliness, the beauty of being a very small person in a very big place. In addition to exhibits, there have been blogs, books, newspaper and magazines articles, and a BBC documentary on his work. My job is to serve students and if I do it well,Read More →

It is lovely to take a stroll in the area which is not very crowded. Worth a visit.Reviewed May 20, 2017 via mobile Great views, interesting and less crowdsNot far from where the throngs of visitors go to visit the Acropolis, a lesser known trail will take you to the Pynx. You see the speakers podium of the world’s first democratic assembly. The orphans and street kids represent the most high risk group for being potentially infected by this deadly virus. This FORUM will take place starting at 9AM, and feature several knowledgeable speakers and prominent guests. The news media is invited to attend. TheRead More →

The genre is termed differently in various regions. It is called joggers, sandshoes or gym boots (Australian English), gutties or runners, running shoes (Hiberno English, Australian English, Canadian English), tennis shoes, sneakers (Australian English, North American English), canvers (Nigerian English), sports shoes, gym shoes, tackies and sneaks (Hiberno English and South African English). In UK, the first of trainer shoes were made by Gola in 1968.In Welsh English, athletic or trainer shoes are called daps, while they are referred to as sneakers in American English. As their minds are already depressed, all good advises look like a complete waste to them. The next big questionRead More →

Then there’s the politics the ruthless savaging of politicians, public figures and attending sycophants that drives so many newspaper editors crazy. Trudeau’s treatment of his first presidential victim, Nixon, was almost tender, such an easy target was he. President Ford had to veto a bill Congress passed to lay him off; the Carter administration was dominated by his Secretary of Symbols, who really flourished on the Jerry Brown campaign; Reagan was so baffling that even his own handlers couldn’t fathom him, much less the press corps; Bush was the invisible man, unable to take a position on anything, who when campaigning had his manhood placedRead More →

“When I first heard about it a few years back, I thought someone was pulling my leg,” says Patrick Fisher, executive director of the Connecticut Sports Management Group, which organizes and conducts the state’s Masters and Nutmeg games. “I had really never heard of the sport when we were asked to hold a tournament. We had 40 participants at the first pickleball Masters Games in 2011, and we have grown to 363 entries this year with a waiting list of between 35 to 40.” Competition on the 16 courts at Wesleyan will be in age groups from 30 39 up to 90 94.. Coffee loversRead More →

Stockings and tights are amazing fashion accessories. They are extremely versatile and can be worn to compliment innumerable outfits. The best colour for stockings is black it’s a universal colour and will match the greatest number of outfits in your wardrobe. Well, Fifa certainly holds promise for advertisers, but are the returns going to be commensurate with the monies being put into the game? The cost of a 10 second spot in a Fifa match is Rs 1 lakh. The rate is comparable to a 10 second spot of an A grade cricket match say between India and Australia. Which, according to Sridhar of Innocean,Read More →

Bonus and increments are some of the reasons that urge employees to give their best towards their work environment, but such ways can be practiced only once a year. Irrespective of the age, a pat on the shoulder is good enough, but receiving a tangible source for your efforts and hard work also goes great. Consider the following points in finding the best of the trophy. The recent economic downturn has created a much more competitive business atmosphere than ever before. Businesses are scrambling to attract the limited spending dollars that exist today. With such stiff competition, it has become exceedingly difficult to market aRead More →