9M provisional subsidy numbers have been done using a discount of US on upstream crude oil production.””Owing to continued blockages and strikerelated issues, crude oil production continued to disappoint, declining 4 percent YoY to 0.921 mt below our expectation of 0.94MMT. Production has remained largely stagnant for the last seven quarters. Management is guiding for a modest revival in FY14 to 3.98 mt, 5 percent growth over FY13. The only spacecraft that has ever visited Neptune was NASA Voyager 2 spacecraft, which visited the planet during its Grand Tour of the Solar System. Voyager 2 made its Neptune flyby on August 25, 1989, passing withinRead More →

Lots of family didn’t mix. Many didn’t turn up, even though he laid on a coach. Mountains of food were left. “Nevertheless, that was past. Today we are repairing our balance sheet and investing in core business in terms of strengthening it through the forward and backward integration,” said Director Dinesh Gandhi.The intention is right and the environment seems conducive. What has really worked is that since competitors raised prices as a result of higher cost, Godawari benefitted in terms of getting higher realisations, which will continue in the coming quarters as well.To put it in perspective, during the Q3FY18, sponge iron realisations jumped byRead More →

As a traditionally educated engineer, my training teaches me not to guess whenever facts are available. Don’t try to memorize and infer numbers keep your references within reach at all times. An engineer who makes few assumptions about his data is one who makes fewer mistakes and costs less money in damage.. The biggest advantage of viral advertising and marketing is getting tons of publicity and public awareness about your website. This in turn generates a steady flow of traffic that is already believed to be potential customers. If you have the imagination to stand out and add some enticing offerings, you can reach aRead More →

Instead they’ve tried to put a winning product on the field every season that has a chance to make the postseason. Whether or not you like it, it’s a strategy that has worked. Do you think the Indians will use this as leverage with MLB to never schedule a March/early April opening day in Cleveland again? Phil Haas, Marion.Hey, Phil: I don’t think the Indians have much leverage when it comes to that. Pat Cash has claimed players had had to change their underwear when it was noticed it was not entirely whiteRow: Women players are having to play bra less (Image: Getty)News, views andRead More →

For now, Dennis Rodman tattoos will remain on his body and not on T shirts. But he may have to bare his torso to make the ruling stick. He issued a preliminary injunction continuing to bar Fanatix Apparel Inc. Thaci and others are charged with being “criminally responsible for nearly 100 murders” in addition to other crimes against Serb, Roma and Kosovo Albanian victims while he was leader of the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).Free pizza and a 75 foot statue of Musk: the battle for the next Tesla plantAustin, Texas, is a progressive city in a conservative state with a thriving software industry andRead More →

No. 499 473. You don’t want to put this one on clothes, matresses, or anything you will actually be touching or using it’s more for cracks and crevasses, baseboards, and the underside of furniture. Google announced in November that it had entered a definitive agreement to purchase Fitbit to the tune of $2.1 billion. Almost immediately, the deal was scrutinized by lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic. The DOJ announced in December it was opening an investigation into the deal, citing privacy concerns over the sensitive health information Fitbit has access to. Feeling overwhelmed. When you stressed or depressed, the thought of adding anotherRead More →

The above incident of Solar Science is super natural and transcendental in nature and along with many miracles is filled with many possibilities. It shows that the sun’s subtle and causal form is of the nature of a creator and nurturer and via the narrow wisdom of the solar ray spectrum in the form of quartz lens etc or via Yogic power by making changes which are more or less in its systemic arrangement the forms of various regions of the cosmos can be transformed. This methodology is filled with many potentials and possibilities that can lead to world well being. Before returning to theRead More →

5. Motion pictures or video of NHL games may not be posted or transmitted online without the express written permission of the NHL. The NHL’s policy is to discuss limited online uses of motion pictures or video on a case by case basis. If opulence is what customers are looking for, then they can look into exquisitely designed products that are encrusted with detailed drawings, semi precious stones, and well detailed cutwork in absolute finesse. For those of you, who admire the prestigious or adore the regal, and the imperial times, there are sparkling products crafted in a range of materials. Under every possible material,Read More →

I worried that anti religion or atheist friends would assume that willingness to have my daughter baptized represented a drift toward the fanatical on my part. But baptism, I found, can bring out a softness even in the most cynical. Maybe because there is a child involved. Do you hit the gym regularly and follow a healthy diet? Yet your efforts may go to waste if you don eat the right things before and after the workout. You are working out, you need to follow a particular diet for optimum weight loss. It should be a balanced diet and will depend on your age andRead More →

A member of Team Tiger disputed the inherent cold bloodedness of such a conclusion, however. An excellent student and pretty independent. Once he gets what you telling him, he absorbs it and he moves on. (Image: Unknown)News, views and top stories in your inbox. Don’t miss our must read newsletterNews, views and top stories in your inbox. Don’t miss our must read newsletterSign upWhen you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. About Us,Contact Us,The informant had once known Delilah well. She was lithe and slender, with long dark hair, green eyes, and a cosmetically enhanced figure. The twoRead More →