Moving to the user engagement in the whole social apps category, WhatsApp has topped the chart here as well. According to App Annie, WhatsApp was the most used social app in 2018 by average monthly sessions per user. The ease of use and availability of basic features continues to drive the engagement for the app.. Well, this took a while. It been the most frustrating experience having Hangouts since it rolled out, because of this exact issue: I based everything on GrooveIP at the time, having a small voice plan but unlimited data. Then Hangouts showed up and everything became messy (I still hate hangouts,Read More →

Your Personal Brand is an intangible asset but can become the most valuable asset of your career. From it your future economic benefits flow. Managing your psychology as the platform from which you create, develop, and manage your Personal Brand is critical as you advance in your professional career. You should know that there are some so called ‘miracle’ diets and pills. Some are plain snake oil remedies, which don’t work for anyone. Like any others employ herbs like ephedra or hoodia, which, while they work, can be super dangerous to your health, used improperly. Fauci has becomeincreasinglyvocal about his concerns over reopening the countryRead More →

Here are selections from how the Financial Post instructed its readers to talk about computers in the mid ’80s. We’ve condensed and organized their alphabetical list into a few, easier to read, categories. The human voice, for example, is a continuous (analog) signal. If a leisurely walk is what you’re after, stick to level or gently rolling paths and avoid rocky terrain. Want to go for a speed walk? Paved or packed dirt paths are best. While you could walk around a mall anytime it’s open, arriving early, before the crowds, is the best way to get a good cardio workout. For the garden toRead More →

Ongoing human rights violations in China were a significant topic of discussion at the end of 2019. The country has sought to block criticism of its policies towards Tibet, the still ongoing Hong Kong protests, and its imprisonment of a million or more Uighurs and other ethnic minority groups in forced re education camps. A new bombshell report from Australia indicates that the Uighurs and other minorities aren just being subjected to forced re education they being used as slave labor after completing their terms of paper, by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, doesn use the term preferring to rely instead on the euphemism ofRead More →

The Dog and Lemon Guide editor Clive Matthew Wilson is unimpressed with the AIRPod’s environmental claims. “It’s a slightly more efficient way of wasting energy on inefficient trips. All you are doing is replacing traffic jams full of petrol driven cars with traffic jams full of air driven cars.” He doesn’t mention that the energy could be from renewable sources which mostly what is available in New Zealand. Pitino received a commitment earlier this month from 6 10 center Sam Freeman of Northwest High (Texas), who is expected to sign at a school ceremony Friday. Sunrise Christian Academy (Kan.) four star guard Grant Sherfield isRead More →

Phil Knight did was so important to basketball in the United States as well as American basketball as it was seen all around the world, said Robert Thompson, a pop culture scholar at Syracuse University. Was an incredible marketing behemoth. He moved basketball from being just one professional sport to this huge phenomenon. Hoyer has Shanahan experience from their days together with the Browns, and he is the easy choice to start come Week 1 in his latest stopgap assignment. Based on the type of quarterbacks San Francisco has assembled, it’s aclear backup setup for 2018 when it cango after the passer with the idealRead More →

Chang’s and Jamba Juice, we’ve seen food trends come and go. Every so often we come across something more fundamental and lasting than a trend: a seismic shift. Starbucks’ visionary leader Howard Schultz helped create one such shift.. This, we said with raised eyebrows, is way more than expected.A salad tower created from avocado, and shrimp with an eggplant base and crispy noodle topping.And then the piece de resistance, chef Jung Ho Lee Mountain Bulgogi. Visual was again beautiful. The tender BBQ beef tidbits were piled high with a green onion strand topping. Recent governments are paying more attention to air pollution following a publicRead More →

Nike sank 5.7 percent to $87.08. The world’s largest maker of athletic shoes said orders for December to April rose 11 percent for a total of $7.7 billion, excluding currency fluctuations, from a year ago. That missed the 11.6 percent gain projected by the average of five analysts’ estimates in a Bloomberg survey.. Jelled right away, Zuhlsdorf said. Were able to find each other on the ice. It was just seamless. When the late, great Bill Shankly said, no doubt with a twinkle in his eye, that “some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I very disappointed with that attitude. IRead More →

Lewis, who died Friday at age 80, was just 25 at the time. He had been leading voting rights demonstrations for months in the notoriously racist town, and he and the others were trying to take a message of freedom to segregationist Gov. George C. To our rescue, right here is really a item that may transform and perform our preferred movies all in couple of simple actions. Not just that, these transformed movies could be uploaded on well liked web sites as well, providing it an benefit. This flv to mov converter is accessible as being a Wondershare item and features of getting numerousRead More →

Sean Miller USA Basketball Post Drop Drill In this drill, Coach Miller encourages chemistry between the guards and bigs by teaching the guards how to pass down to the post off of dribble penetration as well as positioning for the post players. Coach Miller gives the guards two options: 1) lob pass to the post player (frame 1) or 2) bounce pass to the post player on the baseline (frame 3). To start the drill, the guards dribble past a cone (or coach) into the middle of the floor and quick stop in the lane to make the pass. A high quality and standardized productRead More →