You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeWITH ice, wind, rain and snow all common over a Scottish winter, road users can often be faced with difficult and dangerous driving conditions.And with more people travelling to see friends and family over Christmas, it’s even more important to stay safety conscious at this time of the year.Here, we’ve teamed up with Police Scotland to look at five tips for keeping safe on the road.1. Check the weather before you travel Weather conditions can change very suddenly when you’re out on the roads, so it’s important to check the forecastRead More →

Public health orders require people to maintain a minimum two metre separation at any indoor or outdoor gathering, with certain exceptions. Provincial guidelines offers flexibility for cohort groups, for example, with households permitted to have close interactions with up to 15 people. Provincial guidelines offers flexibility for cohort groups, for example, with households permitted to have close interactions with up to 15 people.. Classes in Street Dance on Thursdays, 6.15 7.30pm (eight 11yrs old); and 7.30 8.45pm (12 yrs and over); and Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap at 5.30 6.45pm (two and a half to fives) and 6.45 8pm (age six and over) on Fridays.InRead More →

Okundaye, a mother of six daughters who also hosts tours to Nigeria, was discovered at a booth at the east end of the Afrikadey Festival in Prince’s Island Park, where she stood selling an impressive collection of gorgeous hand dyed clothes. She was one part of one festival on a Calgary weekend jammed full of them: Blues Fest, the Fringe Fest, Marda Gras, Virgin Fest, Drenched Fest, and the Korean Day Festival.Drenched or fringed or blue, it didn’t matter to Okundaye.”Every day,” she said, smiling beatifically, “is Africa day.”Okundaye was just one of several dozen vendors at the festival, which drew a fairly sparse crowdRead More →

Is engineered for golfers looking for an optimum forgiveness driver that delivers range and accuracy. Its 460cc titanium mind is extended the front to back again and featuresPing patented ultra slender crown technology. Surplus weight cost savings inside the slender crown are positioned as an exterior lone surplus weight to optimize the center of gravity for increased trajectories and decreased spin.. Macy’s flagship in Herald Square is the biggest of them all. Its expansive 2 million square foot store brings in locals and tourists from across the globe to shop. The building is so valuable to the company that it’s seeking to build a 1.5Read More →

As a plus, the NBA’s most recent CBA includes an amnesty clause aka ‘The Allan Houston Rule’ where teams can wipe a prohibitive contract off the salary cap books. Free and clear. (Photos: Assorted Images). Didn think much of the equipment change. We all made equipment changes before, said Els, who has used three brands of clubs to win majors. Think there was a bit of criticism somewhere, and then I think he further responding to that, and I think he got a bit of pressure coming on him that way. Went back to the hotel and everyone celebrated. Some were with their family, othersRead More →

Increase in entrepreneurial activitiesIn addition, the transition process also brings in various advantages, which are expected to be permanent, and help to reduce the negative effects. The benefits include an increase in entrepreneurial activities, a more efficient capital allocation system, a better business decision making process, and a rise in foreign capital investment (Young, 2002). At the earlier stage, privatization of small state owned enterprises was conducted through local auctions, leading to an increase in small and medium sized companies across the country. Avoid dropping too many calories in one go. Begin replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods. Split your calories intake over 5 orRead More →

When the latest Italy squad was published for Wednesday’s friendly against Spain in Madrid, his name was on the list. He looks set to become the 42nd Oriundo in their history. An Oriundo is the term used to refer to a player of Italian extraction born and raised outside of Italy in places as varied as Scotland [1] and South Africa [1] but mainly in Argentina [20], Uruguay [9] and Brazil [7]. USA will play its second Group F game against Chile on Sunday at Parc de Princes in Paris. Chile fell to Sweden, 2 0, to open group play on Tuesday and is 0Read More →

To be fair, Linux and friends aren much better in that regard. Permission management for locally running programs is pretty much poor by default in all major operating systems. The standard way to install applications is from the package manager and essentially all of the applications in there are trustworthy (because they all open source and if they did anything seriously user hostile, someone would fork it and that version would be the one in the package manager). Is noble that she would volunteer to cook for everyone, T continues. Although I have never had potato salad, I sense that this white woman does notRead More →

Military in a bid to end an increasingly tense stand off. And why not? Negotiation always manages to solve these things. Just look at real life events in the Middle East. Eat with the LocalsYou probably already know to avoid tourist traps. But, this isn’t just about local monuments and highly trafficked areas. It also about when and where you eat. Whereas, organized labor essentially has directed its tactics toward wealth redistribution. Now, that was fine in the ’50s in the ’60s. But the truth of it is in a declining economy, I’m not saying that labor is responsible, but certainly they have contributed toRead More →

‘Amazing’ and ‘Walking’ in the same sentence seems a tad strange, since walking seems so simple. However, walking does have a lot for great benefits. And when its brisk walking, great can transform into amazing as fast as your first step out of your Doha home. You can do it with others. Invite family, friends, or co workers to join you for a walk. It’s a great way to catch up or get to know someone better. Wow, lots of shelfers. Only two people in here talking about Raw Data, really?The games are starting to mature beyond games. I would never part with mine becauseRead More →